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Who is the program meant for?

The program targets creative students who think out of the box and are willing to learn and dedicate their time and knowledge. The students must be willing to meet for multiple brainstorming and enrichment sessions after school hours.

Who will be my advisor?

Your primary advisor will be the doctor who initially raised the medical challenge and need for a technological solution. A second advisor is an experienced Tel Aviv University professor who has led many groups in their journey towards a creative solution. The professor will provide solution analysis as well as critical creative thinking. The last advisor is a senior doctor to whom the team members will present their technology.


In addition, there will be several consultants who will assist in providing professional guidance relevant to medical devices, such as lawyers, developers and business managers.

Who is my team?

The program is open for all Tel Aviv University students, and so each team can include students from various disciplinies such as engineering, management, medicine, psychology, education, arts and sciences. The team will meet up frequently, forming a creative think-tank.  

How much time do I need to invest?

Creativity cannot be bound by time, and so the amount of hours dedicated to the project is unquantifiable. The participating students must be highly motivated and willing to dedicate their time and effort to the project.


What do we do with the money, if the project is chosen for further funding?

The money goes towards funding the device prototype design and development, initial proof of concept experiments such as virtual simulation, model mockup, in-vitro and in-vivo experiments and eventually clinical trials.

What if the project isn't chosen for further funding?

Even if your technology was not chosen for further funding, you’ll still be able to submit your paper or project to your respective faculties. The data collected throughout the months leading to the prototype planning will be the core of the project.


Do I have to attend the business school courses?

The given courses focus on business innovation, medical devices and entrepreneurship. They will enrich your knowledge and ability to promote your technology. There is no mandatory attendance but the courses are highly recommended.

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